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Record insights as you have them
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Summarize web pages, docs, PDFs, podcasts and Youtube videos

Knowledge Graphs

A knowledge graph for summarized content helps you visualize information quickly

Chrome Extension

No need to visit our website. Just press a button and get your summary

Auto categorization

We will automatically label your saved content. No need to manually organize


Retain link to original source when you copy text from the web or Afterword

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Bring in your pocket library and we will summarize and categorize it for you

Afterword has enhanced my reading efficiency. It allows me to grasp information quickly. It is invaluable for staying informed and productive in today's fast-paced world.


Chintan Shah

Founder | Wohlig Transformations

Afterword is a game-changer. It turns YouTube videos into text so I can quickly find what I need. It helps me organize the important stuff easily. Now, I learn more without spending hours on videos.


Rajat Sawhney

Co-Founder & CEO | Fitgalaxy

Afterword helps me summarize 1-2 hour long audo transcripts and saves me tons of time as a content marketer.

Nikita Rana

Nikita Rana

Marketing Consultant | GmbH
multi length summaries

Hyperdocs: your personalized knowledge hub

Select text on any website and send to hyperdoc

Unlock the power of your Pocket saves with Afterword

Why keep your Pocket saves in the dark? Bring them to light with Afterword.

Import Your Pocket Saves

Seamlessly integrate all your saved articles, videos, and more from Pocket in one click

Summarization and Categorization

Our AI condenses and automatically sorts your content into relevant categories, making it effortlessly manageable.

Advanced Search

Rediscover your Pocket saves through our powerful text and semantic AI search. Never lose track of valuable information again!

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Elevate Your Online Experience with Afterword's Chrome Extension

Why settle for conventional browsing? Install Afterword’s Chrome Extension now and revolutionize the way you interact with the web.

Instant Summaries

Summarize any webpage with a single click! Discover the essence, ignore the fluff.

Paywall Penetration

While our website may have limitations, our extension doesn't. If you're logged in, we can summarize that exclusive, premium content for you as well. Gain wisdom, not hurdles.

Contextual Discovery

Don't just surf, delve deeper. Our extension surfaces relevant information that you’ve saved in Afterword as you browse. Add layers of understanding to your online exploration, effortlessly.

Your Privacy, Uncompromised

All the magic happens right in your browser. Surfacing relevant saved content? It's processed locally to ensure your privacy remains intact. Zero information is sent to our servers, offering you a peace of mind like no other.

Afterword vs ChatGPT summaries

  • Words in Input text
  • Afterword No Limit
  • ChatGPT Around 3000 words (4000 tokens)
  • Control over Summary length
  • Afterword Precise control
  • ChatGPT Vague control
  • Multi level summaries
  • Afterword
  • ChatGPT
  • Source Verification
  • Afterword
  • ChatGPT
  • File uploads
  • Afterword pdf, docx, epub, mp3 and mp4
  • ChatGPT Not in free version
  • YouTube video summarization
  • Afterword
  • ChatGPT
  • Auto Categorization
  • Afterword
  • ChatGPT
  • Search
  • Afterword Text and Semantic
  • ChatGPT
  • Annotate summaries
  • Afterword
  • ChatGPT

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Simply paste a URL, upload a file, or use our Chrome extension to capture content from the web. Afterword then processes the content to provide a summarized version in the length you choose.

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